member travel info

member travel info

Hotel costs are covered for Members by AWG for this event as follows:

  • limit 2 rooms per equity group
  • limit to 2 nights
  • for retailers outside of the Kansas City area
  • room and taxes only
  • rooms are reserved by attendees using the room block links on the hotel page, which will appear in the menu after submitting the registration form

Members are responsible for reserving their hotel rooms by using the links provided on the Hotels page, which will be available once you have registered. AWG will cover the cost of hotel rooms (room and taxes only) up to 2 rooms for 2 nights per equity group for retailers outside of the Kansas City area. Any additional rooms or nights will be charged to your store following the event.

Please note that a credit card is required to reserve your room. The credit card will only be charged if you alter reservations or fail to cancel by the required date. Deadline date varies by hotel and will be noted on your confirmation from the hotel.

AWG has room blocks reserved for a set number of rooms at negotiated rates with several nearby hotels until Friday, Feb., 23, 2024. Hotel rooms reserved outside of the AWG room blocks will not be reimbursed. Cancellations or changes need to be made directly with the hotels.


Airfare costs are covered for Members by AWG for this event as follows:

  • up to $250 per person (max. 2 per equity group)
  • for travel over 300 miles
  • flights are booked by attendees

AWG will credit stores following the event for member attendees' flights up to $250 per person (max. $500 per equity). Copies of airline tickets showing the amount paid must be submitted no later than Monday, March 25, 2024 to for the reimbursement. Reimbursements will be credited on your store statement by May 3, 2024. Please include equity number and store number in the subject line. Showcase attendance is required for reimbursement.